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Welcome to the qcplink Website
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qcplink is a small set of command line utilities which interact with the Qualcomm Phones. We're starting with the QCP-2760 model. The utilities will read the configuration/phonebook from the phone and write it to a file and vice versa. Longer term we expect to write light-weight adapters to personal information managers, etc.

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qcplink Copyright(c)2000-2004 Stephen M. Moraco <stephen@debian.org>


Thanks to Seiya Fujii (who identified the CRC algorithm being used) this project is underway once more... (only 23 months after initial start... ;-)

Hey, we're underway! Checkout the latest version of the PROTOCOL document in our CVS repository.
qcplink 0.1 (readonly) is released!


Thank you Seiya Fujii for contributing the final missing piece to enable my moving on with creating a full read/write qcplink. It turns out that the CRC used is the FCS16 algorithm described in Appendix C of the PPP RFC (RFC-1662).
0.1 Release - read only version to enable others to help find CRC algorithm! I'm unable to determine algorithm so far... Help! we need Help! ;-)
first communication 2-way with phone established. Working now on creating 0.1 release which supports reading phone book from phone. Have yet to figure out the checkword calculation. Real close to a CRC but havn't found the polynomial, yet, which works for all known cases (proven that it's not any variant of crc16. Hmmm... could use ideas here... Anyway, until I figure out the CRC we won't be able to write to the phone. I'm anxious and still searching!
First protocol docment versioned - significant data here!
First real look-n-feel for this web. Web under version control.

Getting qcplink

Download the most recent tarfile or .deb package from our ftp-site: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4330

Browsing our CVS repository

All of the qcplink files are kept in a CVS repository served by sourceforge.net. [BROWSE CVS].

Release Notes

The file NEWS, is included with the distribution which contains updated release information. (for now you can see the latest version of this file in our CVS repository).


  • A Qualcomm QCP-2760 PCS/CDMA phone, with the cable that lets you connect it to the serial port on your computer.
  • Some Linux kernel. It may work with other UNIXes, but I haven't tried it.
  • A reasonable compiler and C++ library.
  • Tested on:
    • Debian GNU/Linux Distribution
    • Linux 2.2.xx and 2.4.xx Kernels


If you're excited about qcplink and want to help, It's easy. Register as a developer at sourceforge and then send me email telling me that you wish to join the project and what your sourceforge username is. Also let me know how you would like to help. -Stephen
You may also visit our SourceForge Project Page.


qcplink is copyrighted by Stephen M. Moraco and is licensed through the GNU General Public License. Read the COPYING file for the complete license.

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